Keyboard warrior

Keyboard warrior

There are twenty six alphabets
strong enough
to make someone’s day,
or make you fall in love,
maybe even hold destruction by the scruff
of its neck and save the planet.
You can raise toasts, gods, hell
and sing them lullabies.
You can turn humans into life-savers.
There are twenty six alphabets
at the core of every soul.

and you’re sitting behind
a bright screen, a fancy keyboard
and back-stabbing every attempt
at redemption of humanity
by writing hate?
Your favorite use of paper
is to cause paper cuts?

I cannot even call you
a keyboard warrior
because warriors are those who
fight to make lives better.
I’ve seen ‘warriors’ made out of words
in trauma poetry, in war poetry,
in stories that make you want to
heal the world single-handedly.
I can’t give you a name
but I can give you a tip.
The planet is dying,
women are being killed,
kids are killing themselves.
The Earth speaks love through
its green and blue
but you’re so hell bent on making love red,
you’re bleeding us out
and drowning the Earth.
So stop.
stop shielding yourself
and start making constellations through words.
if you stop opposing climate change,
you’ll get to enjoy the stars.
if you stop spreading hate,
love will find your salvation.

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Published by

Utsav Raj

Poets, madness and lies.

28 thoughts on “Keyboard warrior”

  1. The message is so poignantly given! You’ve used that keyboard to its greatest advantage with encouragement, admonition, and declaration. Your words ring true, and your bottom-line is why I named my blog, “Loving One Another” – because ultimately the only way to build instead of tearing down is to live the love message, isn’t it? Yes, “if you stop spreading hate,
love will find your salvation.” And the earth’s salvation, too. Thank you for your pertinent, powerful message.


  2. Such an important message has been very beautifully expressed here…. This poem is a true eye opener, a thought provoker and is a living example of the message it portrays. Love this! ❤️


  3. Honestly, your talent never ceases to amaze me. So stunningly crafted, every piece you publish inspires me and makes me want to crawl within the words you write and just linger there. Absorb them, savour them, enjoy them. Sorry, bit of a gushy comment but, you know, sometimes these things just happen.


  4. I was rereading one of your older posts, “The Palettes of Life”, and I have missed your prose! Visited your blog today, and you never cease to amaze me. Profound, beautiful post, Utsav. Thank you!


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