Some breathing space.

Some breathing space.

Hey! Thank you for waiting up for me this past week. I guess I needed some breathing space. I’m back, though. I used my state of mind the past week to write a little something today! It’s about how some breathing space can do people a word of good – especially for those who rely on others a lot. I hope you like this poem! Do tell me if you did in the comments section! I would love to hear what you have to say.

She asked for some breathing space
the first time we fought.

This ‘breathing space’
reminded me a lot of museums.
I could see her,
look at the things she liked to do,
but I wasn’t allowed to touch anything.
I saw her shopping, dancing, drinking,
and I saw her smiling.
I had no one to go shopping with
so I hid my shopping bags under my eyes.
I had no one to dance or drink with,
so I kept empty vodka bottles in my lonliness.
I was a mess.

This ‘breathing space’
reminded me a lot of outer space.
It was an infinity,
dark, filled with stars I could not reach.
I cried and watched as my tears
danced in circles around me
(gravitation fucked up)
and this went on till my tears became a cocoon
and I morphed in her breathing space.
Everything sad peeled off
and swirled around me to make me a better man.

This ‘breathing space’
reminded me a lot of writer’s block.
I’d gone through a tough phase
but I came out a better writer.
I wrote stories of rescue missions
for the words that lost their way inside of me
and I wrote poems
of how some goodbyes were shaped like a grin.
For every moment words had failed me before,
they brought two more with them now.

I became happy in her breathing space.

So when she asked to get back together
I told her she needed some breathing space.

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Utsav Raj

Poets, madness and lies.

36 thoughts on “Some breathing space.”

  1. This breathing space – transformational, gravity defying, museum worthy, occupied with shopping bags and alcohol – sounds frightening, whimsical, and beautiful. I love it that it becomes self-affirming by the end. Such gorgeous writing.


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