Self-love or otherwise.

Self-love or otherwise.

Your first attempt at love
teaches you true love.
The ‘I’ve got to make this work’ kind,
the innocent, ‘vanilla is the best’ kind,
the unconditional, ‘always? always.’ kind.
For me, the girl was a reincarnation
of everything I had ever loved.
There were no terms and conditions,
no warnings,
and we didn’t take steps one day at a time.
Our bed was a cosmic sky of fairly dust
and we didn’t need hope.
There were a few fights
here on text messages
there on WhatsApp statuses,
but all was good forever
till one day it wasn’t.

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Things I fell in love with this Summer.

I did a poem with a similar theme called “A list of things about her.” and you guys loved it! I hope you love this too. Let’s set a target for 25 social shares? Only if you like it. It would mean a lot to me.

Here is a list of things I fell in love with this summer:

Windows of moving cars.
Moving cars.
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A guide towards self love.

Comment down below more ways towards self love, and let the knowledge spread. Share this with your friends so that they can do it too. Enjoy!

Self love is being happy and alive without being drunk. And with the amount of liquor that flows in our veins today, it is pretty obvious that we barely remember what it is like to look into a mirror and not see a mess. Here are five (ever-green) ways  to fall in love with yourself again:

Get a dog

Or any pet. Waking up to the heavy breath of your dog on your face, sleeping with him curled up next to you, eating dinner with his eyes on your food, and taking walks on a sunny day will make you smile like nothing else. Playing fetch as he runs around like a madman will make you laugh so hard, you’ll forget all about hating yourself. How could you hate yourself when your puppy loves you so much?

Follow your dreams

Take a step towards it. If you love cooking, cook for yourself tonight instead of binge-eating on snacks while watching FRIENDS. Actually, do both. If you love painting, draw a small stick figure on your palm today. Don’t forget to draw his smile, cause I am sure he loves himself despite being skinny. Take the smallest or the biggest step you can, but make sure it is towards what you love. If your dream is to have a bucket list pencil-sliced in half, do it.

Help someone

The world has stressed on kindness for a long time now, and yet every body goes along their day like the watches on their hands. Help someone and see them smile. Your insides will light up with satisfaction and you will feel like you matter, because trust me, you do. Like the hand-crafted note from your crush, which mattered most to you among an ocean of gifts on your birthday, you still matter on a planet with over billions of people. You’re special. Make someone else feel this way too. Give them a reason for self love.

Take therapy

No, therapy isn’t only for people with very severe mental conditions. We are prone to mental and emotional issues as humans. We tend to take a lot of stress for things that don’t matter and care way too much for people we love. And that is not bad! Be a workaholic and a hopeless romantic. But if it gets too much, talk to someone. Not necessarily a professional therapist (because they charge you a lot sometimes), even a friend is fine. Therapy is letting all the stories built up inside of you come out to leave space for new ones.

Jump on a trampoline

This will always make you laugh, trust me on that. Look around the city and find a trampoline and then jump your way out of sadness. This might sound a bit far-fetched and it probably is, but it will make you laugh like a baby and that’ll be your first step towards self love.

Make yourself smile. This is the most important step that you could take towards self love. Make yourself smile and giggle every single day.

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