Seasons are emotions.

Seasons are emotions.

Summer came early this year.
It was a January morning
I was in bed with him
for the first time
and despite the chills that ran up and down
the spine of the bedroom
I felt like the sun was shining on me,
kissing me
every time his lips touched my skin.
My moans were like butterflies
sometimes loudly and sometimes a whisper.
My toes were lilies
skin a bright and beautiful landscape
and every kiss tasted like ice creams for a summer day.
I’m going to skip the poetic version
of saying that the sex was great.

We decided to go on a date
that same night
and I showed up thirty minutes early
but dressed in pajamas
Excited but unbothered.
He didn’t show up
but I had a lot of food
and enjoyed my time anyway.
He might’ve ghosted me
but I had a wonderful time with his ghost
and I wasn’t going to let
the season of broken leaves
and people
come early too.

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Published by

Utsav Raj

Poets, madness and lies.

27 thoughts on “Seasons are emotions.”

  1. Beautiful poem! Especially loved the way you ended it💝. The starting actually holds a special meaning in my life which I ain’t gonna unfold. It vivdly paints up the experiences in love and I legit loved it❤️😭


    1. I’m glad you liked the written piece. No, the art isn’t mine. I’ve used many throughout all the posts and all of them belong to different artists I found on Google. I wish I was good at drawing or painting.


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