Life update: two


In the post – 365 – I announced that I’m going to post a life update on the 16th of every month. You can skip it altogether if you’re not interested in anything but poetry. I didn’t realize that yesterday was the 16th of January and so I missed my life update. I’m super sorry and here it is: my second life update.

Well, it’s time to disconnect. I believe there are three things every writer wants to their name by the time they’re 60: a nice book, a great song, and love. A few months ago, I decided it was time for the first of three. I already have the character sketches and outline written but I wanted to be in the right mind space before I started with the writing process. I’ve wanted to get away since my tenth-grade finals got over. I have traveled and been to places for work but never with the intention of ‘isolating’ myself from the world.

On the 21st, I leave for Mumbai, one of the busiest city of India. For those of you who haven’t heard stuff about Mumbai, here’s a quick guide – a) It is filled with people and b) It is super driven. Some would call it the New York of India. Why did I choose a place filled with people to isolate myself from people? For the drive every artist feels when they stay in Mumbai. I’ll go to deserted parts of the city and stay alone but I want the city’s energy, the city’s rhyme and reason to push me forward.

(I will keep posting, though. Every Monday, Thursday and Saturday as promised)

Other than that, I’ll list a few things going on in my life as of now. Tell me what’s going on in your life in the comments section below.

First, I’ve been super obsessed with the word ‘super’ lately but not much by words in general. It isn’t writer’s block or laziness, I think. It’s just that your words seem to hold a lot more value to me than mine lately, which is a good thing. I’ll be back on track soon.

Second, I’ve been listening to a lot of songs lately. My favorite has been ‘Kiss me’ by Ed for a long time now but I’m open to suggestions.

Third, I have a shitty routine but I’ve been working on it lately. It’ll get much better after the Mumbai trip but yeah. I guess all of us have shitty routines at one point in our lives.

Fourth, Cinematography has been calling out to me lately. I’m definitely going to try my hand at it and see where it goes. One thing is certain, I’ll definitely up my Instagram game with it soon enough (so you might want to follow :P).

Fifth, there’s this yearly fest in India called Spoken Fest where writers, singers, YouTubers, and other famous creative artists perform for a huge crowd every year. I haven’t been to one to see yet, but I do hope to perform in Spoken 2020. One of my resolutions. What are yours?

I’m sorry this was so long. I hope you liked it! Keep reading. I’ll post a poem this Saturday. See you then 🙂


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22 thoughts on “Life update: two”

  1. Super post! hehe! couldn’t resist. but it indeed is a nice post, all the very best to you and your literary journeys it sounds adventurous. You echo every writers dream perfectly.


  2. My resolutions would be to eat 3 times a day, try and write more and be more consistant towards in the goals that I want to achieve.Thank you for your update.. loved reading it 👍😊


  3. I couldn’t find the Like button, so I’ll say, yes, i liked this very much. Very straightforward and fresh. I like the Cinematography idea and you’re a natural at that Spoken Fest. Go for it all around! PS, Yes, shitey routines in life come and go. Some routines are better than others. But as the guy cleaning up the dog-stuff in his backyard once said, “If not for the poop, I’d never have found the Roses.” Have fun! And happy new year. I wish you the best. ~ Val


  4. I love your plan about getting away, to isolate and recentre yourself. What a great idea! I *love* it..and how the city will both charge and re-charge you. 🙂 Excited you have this opportunity and *thank you* for sharing it…gives me the idea to do the same! (on a smaller scale 😉 ) May your world be zen and peaceful, inspiring and challenging, small but large. safe travels!


  5. First, Travel Safe, okay? And and it was long and super cool. I really hope you fulfill your resolution. Do listen to Let You Love Me by Rita Ora and Only You by Little Mix. There were so many other things I wanted to say to you but I forgot :/
    Acha bas take care of yourself and be happy.


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