It is really obvious why.

It is really obvious why.

“Why do you love me?”

“It’s really obvious why.
Because like moonlight,
you made my scars beautiful.
You tasted like burning scotch
and honesty.
Touching your skin felt like a walk
on cool grass in Summer.
Because you were my metaphor.

You remember how we met?
It was a one-night stand
and after we had sex,
you took a pen and wrote poetry on my waist.
You gave me hickeys and poetry.
You didn’t know how to make me blush,
so you painted my cheeks red
with your lipstick kisses.
When I screamed,
you sang songs to me
and when I cried,
you wiped my tears away with your eyes
and then wrote poems
about how the tides were high today.
It’s often that humans use
words for loyalty
and actions like a back-stabbing knife.
You were different.
When we met, you said you didn’t know how to stay.
Sixty years later,
You’re still holding my hands.

Why do I love you?
It’s really obvious why.
I love you
because I don’t know how not to.”

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Utsav Raj

Poets, madness and lies.

78 thoughts on “It is really obvious why.”

  1. Hi Utsav Raj, I must commend your creativity and the evergreen words you bring up each time you publish on your blog. You made my 2018 incredible and I always look forward to your next publications. In the same light, I have received a good number of likes from you on my blogs as well. It really gladdens my heart each time I notice your likes and comments.
    More importantly, I have a forthcoming publication titled ‘Voices’ and I am in need of contributing poets on this one. I am hoping you will be interested in contributing to this effort. ‘Voices’ as titled is meant to discuss about the different visage of love – sweet love and sour love. In this publication, each contributing poets will come up with two poems; one perfect love story and the other, a sad love story.
    I was studying at your blog and I discover you have done so much on this subject matter, if given the permission I will go ahead to pick from the poems on your blog. I am hoping to have (15) fifteen contributing poets; among these poets are: Robert Okaji, Ragazza Triste, Vinz-Double-O, Luna, Specsladeyes, Baffy Basics, Cubby, Shefali among others. Your contribution and support will be well acknowledged and preached.
    Thanks for your consideration. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Victor Eshameh-Giftedminds


    1. Hey, thank you for the first part of this comment. Means a lot that I had a role in making your 2018 better 🙂 this comment has definitely been the best start for my 2019.
      As for the latter, sure. Go ahead. Let me know if you need me to write new pieces in case my old ones don’t connect well with your theme. I’m honoured to know you wanted me to be one of the writers. (Names will be mentioned right? Just a query.)


      1. Thanks Utsav, your name will definitely be mentioned. Happy 2019. I’ll surely get back to you about my pick from your blog and I’ll let you know. You can also come up with new poems if it wouldn’t be stressful for you.


  2. I really enjoyed this poem of love. Since I am nearing my 60 years of love with the same woman it rang my bells on a common cord.
    Thanks for stopping by and “Liking” one my blog posts.


    1. Thank you! No crying though, okay?
      There’ll be an option to follow at the very bottom right of your screen if you’re logged into WordPress. If not, look for it in the sidebar, which is to the right side of your screen on a laptop and somewhere down if you scroll enough on mobile.
      Let me know when you find it!


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